Ok, maybe your not an expert in forth, but if you work on Sparc systems long enough your going to have to work from the ok prompt.

Here are the essentials commands you must know.

Boot the system normally

ok> boot

Boot the system and allow for discovery of new devices (reconfiguration boot)

ok> boot -r

Boot into Single-User Mode

ok> boot -s

Boot into a ROM, useful if your system isn’t bootable

ok> boot -F failsafe

Boot a global-cluster (suncluster) node into single user non-cluster mode.

ok> boot -sx

List your network adapters, you can then do boot net - install [device path] to boot from the network using the specified interface

ok> show-nets

Useful for determining boot devices and general server components

ok> show-devs

devalias lists the device aliases where nvalias is used to set them permanently

ok> devalias
ok> nvalias diskname /pathdodevice

Used to set environment variables used for the openboot firmware.

ok> printenv
ok> setenv

(from the OS shell you can use #eeprom auto-boot?=true, for example to set boot environment variables)

shutdown, reboot, etc

ok> power-off
ok> reset-all